After-Service Team

After-Service Team
What Kind Of Services We Can Provide

Climate Tester  has a dedicated after-sales technology center, and all technicians are subject to a rigorous technical assessment to meet your technical support needs. In addition, Climate Tester has agents in six countries around the world, ready to provide on-site service. Climate Tester can provide the following services:

Home installation and repair

Remotely teach customers to use

On-site training and knowing

Regular calibration


Climate Tester can provide our customer calibration service freely,our lab consultant can offer calibration for every model of environmental test chambers,corrosion test chambers,aging test chambers,etc.

The calibration service we can provide including:

Temperature System

Humidity System


Maintenance and repair

Climate Tester service department provides comprehensive test chamber maintenance to help ensure the performance and longevity of your testing chamber.

Our maintance and repair including:

Verification of operation

Complete check of refrigeration system

Check of humidity system

Complete check of electrical systems

Check for leaks

On-site training and installation

Climate Tester will attach the manual and operation video to test chambers,what’s more,we has a professional team to instruct our customer who first use test chamber to operate it, we can also provide on-site installation service for specific product or large test chambers.

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