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The Purpose of Rapid Temperature Change Test

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The Purpose of Rapid Temperature Change Test

Issue Time:2018-12-04
The purpose of rapid temperature change test.
What do we need to master in the rapid temperature change test, so why must the product be tested for reliability?

The purpose and function of the rapid temperature change test
      The rapid temperature change test exposes products (including materials, components, etc.) to certain environmental conditions, and evaluates the functions/performance of components, equipment, and systems in actual transportation, storage, and use environmental conditions according to test results. .
      Environmental testing can provide important information on product quality methods and is an important means of quality assurance.

a. Providing a basis for product quality improvement by applying pre-set environmental conditions to the product to be tested, exposing product defects;
b. Assess and verify the environmental adaptability of the product (environmental adaptability).

a. Promote the improvement of product market competitiveness; b. Form technical barriers in international trade; c. Have military significance for weapons and equipment.
      The rapid temperature change test runs through the whole process of product design, development, production, transportation and use. The way to provide product environmental adaptability is usually: environmental analysis → design → environmental test → improvement → re-environment test → qualitative mass production
      The more effective the environmental test is, the better the improvement will be, and the more reliable and durable the product will be in use. The more realistic and accurate the environmental test, the better the reliability of the product.

Default question
      What is the rapid temperature change test? Why do we have to do a rapid temperature change test?

      Only through a clear summary of the purpose, effects and standards of environmental testing. In order to understand the essence of [temperature test] in depth, explain the influence of temperature and test, which is related to the climate of known human activity range, temperature stress factor involved in the fault exploration of parts and equipment.

      In order to improve the overall quality of the products, there are many individual “failure analysis”, “environmental testing plan”, “environmental testing”, “test result analysis”, etc., which should be effectively unified. However, there are several shortcomings:
a. Due to the variety and complexity of sample types, many engineers engaged in individual research have only done one or several tests;
b. The person performing the test is seldom aware of the purpose of the test and its effectiveness;
c. Know some environmental testing projects, but don't know all the testing projects.

Rapid temperature test standard
US Department of Defense: MIL-STD-810-G Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Testing
NATO/UK: STANAG 4370 / DEF-STAN 00-35 Environmental Test Standard
IEC60068: International Electrotechnical Commission Environmental Test
Chinese Standard: GB/T 2423 Environmental Test for Electrical and Electronic Products
Chinese military standard: GJB 150A-2009 Military equipment laboratory environmental test method
GJB 9001B-2009: Quality Management System Requirements

The above introduction is a more specific understanding of the reliability test, I hope to help you!

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