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Matters Needing Attention For Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

Matters Needing Attention For Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber
Issue Time:2018-11-13

  • Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

1. Check whether the voltage is correct before use. Please use the voltage marked on the machine to avoid fire caused by excessive electricity.

2. If the direction of motor operation is normal, if the air outlet is discharged, it is normal.(applicable to models with three-phase voltage of 380V only).

3. If the display temperature is very different from the actual temperature, please do not adjust the parts and internal parameters of the circuit board at will. Please inform the company that buys the equipment to send staff to handle it.

4. Please do not open the startup door when the temperature changes during operation.

5. Do not place the machine in a damp place or rinse it with water directly to prevent leakage of electricity.

6. The placement of combustible volatile substances of alcohol is prohibited to prevent accidents.

7. The use of combustible materials near the machine should be kept away from accidents.

8. When the timer (temperature to time) is working, at this time, AL light on the temperature control table shows that the temperature has reached the set range and the machine starts to hold temperature.

9. When the temperature is maintained, the overshoot or undershoot of the display temperature and the set temperature shall be calculated automatically.

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