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Auto ignition because of raining?

Auto ignition because of raining?

Issue Time:2018-05-28

Auto ignition because of raining?

One day, Mr. Wang was on the way from work but the weather was not good and began to rain. Due to going home urgently to have something done Mr. Wang driving fast. For a while, Mr. Wang smelled awful in the car and think air is not good so did not care about it. And the burning smell is more and more concentrated then Mr. Wang quickly stop it and found small fire in the front of car. Mr. Wang saw the car spontaneous combustion in his eyes firstly and react immediately after playing for 110 and 119, but the fire was soonly spread, wait until after the police arrived, after the fire was extinguished, the front also burned almost.

Mr. Wang did not buy spontaneous combustion insurance, which suffered heavy losses, but also do not understand why properly on the spontaneous combustion. The police investigated, it is likely that the headlight line short circuit caused by spontaneous combustion.

Complementary knowledge
In general, the headlight tightness factory is very good, can do 100 percent of the Water Leakage, but many copycat headlights can not do this, ranging from the fog lamp lighting effect normal in rainy days, serious Water Leakage caused by short circuit caused by spontaneous combustion vehicles. At the same time, the ability to bear the high temperature between the original headlights factory and copycat headlights factory are also different. The summer outdoor temperature is very high and the temperature will be higher especially in the asphalt road .There are a lot of security risks.So do you know the importance of the environment test before using? 

And original headlights factory will test many times about the automotive accessories by using rain test chamber and judge their waterproof property.

Rain test chamber is applied for exterior lighting and single device and automobile luminaire enclosure protection. It could simulate lively the possible rain and water spray environment.CLIMATE instrument co.,ltd is China’s largest manufacture of environment test chamber ,which possess huge production base and many professionals specialize in innovation.

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