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Formaldehyde Releases New Standards

Formaldehyde Releases New Standards

Issue Time:2018-04-21

The AQSIQ andthe National Standards Commission issued the revised National Standard for theRelease Limit of Formaldehyde in Indoor and Outdoor Decoration Materials. Thenew standard states that the formaldehyde emission limit value is 0.124mg/m3,and the limited quantity identifies E1.

Formaldehydehazards mainly come from the wood floor and the substrate of the furniture, andthe adhesive is the key to formaldehyde over-determination or not. Theurea-formaldehyde rubber with lower price and poor quality will volatilize moreformaldehyde, especially the panel furniture, and the low-density board is moreterrible.

FormaldehydeTest Chamber is used to test formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panel,composite wood flooring, carpet, carpet padding, and other interior decorationmaterials, also other building materials under constant temperature humidity.

Formaldehyde Test Chamber

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