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What Kind Of Tests Can Salt Spray Test Chambers Do?

What Kind Of Tests Can Salt Spray Test Chambers Do?
Issue Time:2018-04-10

Salt spray testchamber can assess salt spray corrosion ability of materials and its protectivelayer, and compare the process quality of similar protective layers. At thesame time, it can evaluate the ability of certain products to resist salt spraycorrosion; salt spray chambers are used in parts and electronic components. ,protective coatings for metallic materials, and salt spray corrosion tests forindustrial products.

Salt spray testchamber  is also one of the three seriesof artificial environment. Salt spray chamber is mainly used to simulate thedestructiveness of the surrounding weather of the ocean. Salt spray testchamber is suitable for galvanizing, coating, electronic electrician, zipperbuttons, etc. Industrial products. Divided into three kinds of neutral test,acid test, alkaline test. The participating standards are GB, and can also beISO, ASTMB-117, DIN and other international standards.

Salt spray testchamber can do test methods:

Neutral saltspray test (NSS test)

Salt spray test(SS test)

Acetate spraytest (ASS test)

Copperaccelerated vinegar instinct test

High temperaturedamp heat test

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