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Quality will get more and more attention

Quality will get more and more attention
Issue Time:2018-03-22

Quality will get more and more attention

   With the development of the society, there are more and more news about bad quality caused the disaster and damage. Bad building materials caused the houses collapsed; bad accessories in the cars caused serious traffic accident; bad components in home appliances caused people dead. Therefore, the government and companies have paid more attention to the quality of electronics, semiconductor, automobile, rubber, Metal, fastener etc.

 In order to make the company be quite confident about their products, CLIMATE INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD has designed and manufactured kinds of test chambers for almost each industry, plastic, metal, cloth industry etc. can use the test chamber to make sure their products are qualified, they can prove the qualified quality by the data in the equipment. So now many company come to us for the test chamber and we are always try our best to meet all of their requirements.

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