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How Can Stability Test Chamber Humidification And Dehumidification?

How Can Stability Test Chamber Humidification And Dehumidification?
Issue Time:2018-01-03

Stability test chamber can simulate a variety of environmental conditions, test a variety of products and raw materials heat, humidity, resistance to dry, resistant low temperature performance. For paper, printing, electronics, electrical appliances, metals and other industries.


Stability test chamber’s temperature system has two subsystems, namely humidification and dehumidification two subsystems.


Humidification generally use steam humidification, simply put, is the low pressure steam directly into the box for humidification.Moisturizing in this way is fast and the humidification control is more sensitive, especially for forced humidification when cooling down.


There are two types of dehumidification chamber, mechanical dehumidification and drying dehumidification.

The principle of dehumidification of mechanical refrigeration is to cool the air to below the dew point temperature so as to condense the water vapor greater than the saturated moisture content, thus reducing the humidity.

Dryer is the use of air pump test chamber out of the air, and the dry air into the same time, the wet air into the recyclable drying for drying, drying and then sent to the test chamber, so repeated dehumidification .

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