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Application Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber In Battery Industry

Application Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber In Battery Industry
Issue Time:2017-09-28

In recent years, mobile phone battery safety has become an important factor to evaluate the mobile phone, and to ensure the safety of the battery under the condition of high temperature, low temperature can ensure the battery life has become an important issue today, we'll discuss how to better detect mobile phone batteries, in order to provide high standard follow-up production.


In all the environmental factors, the greatest impact of temperature on the charge discharge performance of battery, the electrode / electrolyte interface on the electrochemical reaction and ambient temperature. The electrode / electrolyte interface is regarded as the heart of the battery. If the temperature drops, the reaction rate of the electrode decreases. If the battery voltage remains constant, the discharge current will decrease and the power output of the battery will decrease. If the temperature rise is on the contrary, the battery output power will be increased, the electrolyte temperature also affected the transmission speed of temperature rise is accelerating, transmission temperature drop, transmission slows down, the battery charge and discharge performance will be affected. But the temperature is too high, more than 45OC, will destroy the chemical balance in the battery, resulting in side effects.


The discharge efficiency of Ni Cd and Ni MH batteries will decrease significantly at low temperature (lower than -15OC), while at -20 OC, the lye reaches the freezing point and the charge rate of the battery will be greatly reduced. Charging at low temperatures below 0 will increase the internal pressure of the battery and, when possible, the relief valve is switched on. In order to effectively charge the ambient temperature range should be 5~30 OC, the general charging efficiency will increase with the increasing of temperature, but when the temperature rises to more than 45OC, the performance of rechargeable battery materials will be degraded under high temperature, the cycle life of the battery will be greatly reduced.


Then,how can we better test battery in high or low temperature environment?


Today,i will introduce you a test equipment that can simulate various environment.Environmental test chamber full name for the "constant temperature and humidity test chamber".It is the necessary testing equipment for aviation, automobile, home appliances, scientific research and other fields. It is used to test and determine the temperature and environmental changes of high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, alternating wet heat or constant test of electrician, electronics and other products and materials after the parameters and performance.

temperature and humidity test chamber

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