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The Importance Of Lamp Waterproofing Test

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The Importance Of Lamp Waterproofing Test

Issue Time:2017-05-30

August 27, the opening ceremony of the thirteenth session of the Games held in Tianjin, launched in the ring, the upper right corner of the ring is not lit because rain short circuit.

Thus, a light product waterproofing test is so important, if the scene of the light through rigorous testing, then it will not happen such a thing, waterproof testing is not only applicable to lamps, but also can detect electronic products and auto parts.

Common IP waterproofing tests including:IPx1/2 water drip test chamber,IPx3/4 water spray test chamber,IPx5/6 rain test chamber,IPx7/8 water immersion test chamber,IPx9K high temperature and pressure water spray test chamber.

IP waterproof test chamber


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