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Precautions Of Drying Oven

Precautions Of Drying Oven
Issue Time:2016-06-18

Drying oven is a heating device in the laboratory. Use mostly for an object evenly and for a long time heating, constant temperature,is also commonly used in dry objects, cleaning objects In the laboratory.Oven will also be connected to the vacuum pump as a decompression purposes. Such as: plastic vacuum defoaming, oil removal,etc. 


Before work:

(1) Check whether the electrical error

(2) Place the glass container in the oven

(3) Turn on the power switch and adjust the proper temperature and heating time.


During work:

(1) to concentrate on operation and wear protective equipment.

(2) the operator is strictly prohibited to leave the processing area.

(3) the operator is strictly prohibited smoking and drinking.

(4) Turn off the power switch and close the door.

(5) after the use of equipment and the surrounding need to be clean and return to positioning



1. Oven should be placed in the indoor dry and horizontal, to prevent vibration and corrosion.

2. Pay attention to safe use of electricity, according to the oven power consumption to install a sufficient capacity of the power knife. Select enough power conductors and should have a good grounding wire.

3. When everything is ready for work, place the sample in the oven and connect and turn on the power. The red indicator light indicates that the box has been heated. When the temperature reaches the temperature controlled, the red light goes off and the green light is on and the temperature starts. In order to prevent temperature control failure, must also take care.

4. Put the sample should be noted that the arrangement can not be too dense. Heat sink should not put the test article, so as not to affect the hot air flow up. Do not bake baked flammable, explosive, volatile and corrosive items.

5. When you need to observe the situation in the studio sample, you can open the outer box door, through the glass door to observe. But the door to minimize the opening as well, so as not to affect the temperature. Especially when working above 200 ℃, open the door is likely to make the glass door quenching and rupture.

6. A blast oven, which must be opened during heating and constant temperature, otherwise it will affect the uniformity of the temperature of the workplace and damage the heating element.

7. After the completion of work should be cut off the power to ensure safety.

8. Keep inside and outside the oven to keep clean.

9. When used, do not exceed the maximum temperature of the oven.

10. To prevent burns, take special tools when taking samples.

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