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Maintenance Of Car Parts In The Summer

Maintenance Of Car Parts In The Summer
Issue Time:2015-11-16

There are many security risks in the car in the summer, such as high temperature puncture, auto spontaneous combustion and so on.


To select the oil with high viscosity

In summer, we should try to choose some of the oil with higher viscosity, because the viscosity of the oil will change with the temperature changes. When the temperature is high, the viscosity of the oil will decrease, the oxidation resistance will be deteriorated, and the oil film formed inside the engine will be thinner and uneven.


To prevent tire from high temperature puncture

Due to the higher the temperature the higher the pressure inside the tire, the summer hot weather, too high or too low tire pressure are likely to cause abnormal tire tires instantaneous expansion of the tire, so the summer should pay special attention to regular inspection tire pressure, so stay in the normal range. At the same time, due to the increase in summer rain, to eliminate the wet road on the impact of traffic safety, it is necessary to check the tread pattern, including tire pattern type and pattern depth.


To prevent the car from spontaneous combustion

The burning of the car will not only cause economic losses, but also may cause casualties, need to pay more attention. There are many reasons for the spontaneous combustion of the car, such as engine gasoline filter failure, line failure, power line aging.

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