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What does an environmental test engineer do?

What does an environmental test engineer do?
Update Time:2018-02-27
What does an environmental test engineer do?
Translates system operational requirements into environmental design and testing requirements for systems,sub-systems,and component to ensure life-cycle durability.
Functions include participation in design,testing,and manufacturing procedures described (but not limited to)in the following tasks:
Detrermine life-cycle requirements for systems,sub-systems,and components.Request detailed analysis from others  (FEA,thermalanalysis) when required.
Supply environmental design and test requirements  with proper margins for types of hardware and phase development.Tailor standard requirements for application(IEC,ISTA,UL,810F).
Conduct design trade-off analyses for environmental control,mitigation,or protection and inputresults to design,raliability and others.
Prepare environmental test requirement for in-house laboratory tests;input specification requirements for suppliers tests.
Monitor or participate in environmental tests(supplier,in-house,customer)and review,report and use results for possible design corrective action.
Collect and maintain environmentaldata bank (and FRACAS).
List of  Units
1.Operating-High temperature
2.Operating-Low Temperature 
3.Storage and Transportation-High and Low temperature
4.Temperature Shock
5.Humidity-Condensing and non-condensing
Operational/Storage transportation
7.Rapid Decompression/Explosive Decomp
8.Combined Environments
9.Solar Radiation -actinic and thermal effects
10.Salt Fog
14.Explosive Atmosphere 
18.Space Simulation
19.Test Documentation

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