Electronic products Testing

According to electronic machine failure survey of domestic and abroad in recent years, failure of the components accounted for 50% .The data has been high over the years which caused widespread concern. Components and the improving of use reliability are the key for the reliability of the whole machine.

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Communications Testing

Using of Information and communication equipment ranging from indoor to outdoor, from the tropics to the frigid zone, through the variety of environmental conditions in different places. At the same time, accompanied by the miniaturization, portability demand of market is increasing day by day, device density is also increasing. Therefore, components selection, system design, finalize the design, manufacturing process and failure analysis puts strict requirements forward on reliability.

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Automotive Testing

Automobile is made up of as many as thousands of electronic components and complex products. With the development of auto industry, vehicle complexity is increasing. And the harsh use environment put forward severe challenge on the reliability of the automobile electronic products. Automotive electronics components reliability is very important, determines the safety and reliability of the vehicle directly.

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Lamps Testing

Especially outdoor lighting: landscape lamp, road lights, lawn lamp pole light, courtyard lamp, guardrail lamp, projector lamp, square lamp, traffic light, tunnel floodlight.

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Packages Testing

Will your packaging materials last outdoors? For how long? Does your new raw material supplier have the same quality as your previous one? Are you trying to enter a new market and need help proving out your products? Don't guess when you can test.

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Rubber & Plastic Testing

The plastics and packaging industry is extremely diverse. Some plastic parts are finished products themselves; others are simply the container for your product. Either way, plastics can fail if exposed to damaging sunlight, moisture, and heat. Designing to survive these harsh conditions is critical.

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Textile & Fabric

We are providing lightstability, weathering test equipment, and test services to the textile and fabric industry for apparel, fashion, commercial, and industrial applications. Any items that see sunlight, moisture, and heat are subject to the damaging forces of nature.

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